the influence of domain size on hurricane storm surge response For this study an actual hurricane that made landfall on the Florida shelf in the Gulf of Mexico is applied over three domains Each domain has a different size fanning out from the point of hurricane landfall and covering successively larger regions The first domain is a These formation modes should be modeled by different kinetics with other Pt complexes in the solution Therefore we further developed the following mixed mechanism (III) to describe this mode of formation: (5) (6) (7) where A 1 and A 2 represent two different forms of Pt precursor in solution which may correspond to Pt(OAm) 4 (acac) 2 and Pt(OAm) 4 (OA) 2 respectively

Study On The Influence Of Different Drying Modes Over The

Study On The Influence Of Different Drying Modes Over The Chemical Composition Of Organic Fruits Of Some Plum Cultivars Diyan GEORGIEV a Mariya GEORGIEVA a Boryana BRASHLYANOVA b Ognyan KARABADZHOV B 1Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and Agriculture – Troyan 2Food Research and Development Institute – Plovdiv E-mail: d_georgiev_abv bg Summary The change of

The study investigated 3 different hand drying methods and was in 4 parts: Part D: Bacterial contamination of Part B: Changes in the numbers of bacteria on the hands after drying Part C: Potential contamination of other users and the washroom environment jet air dryers in public washrooms 4 Method The amount of water remaining on the hands of subjects after washing and then drying using

Door Sag Evaluation of Clothes Dryer by using FEA and Influence of it on Effectiveness of Door Rakeshkumar importance of testing a diversity of different materials and components to meet the requirements for compliance [4] Engineering Optimization Theory and Practice [5] Comparatively less work is done in the area of Door sag evaluation of consumer appliances Hence in the present study

The influence of the surface tension of immersion liquid on static and fatigue strength of concrete were ex-amined based on the knowledge that (1) the fracture process of concrete at the macro scale is the result of generation and propagation of internal microcracks (2) strain energy is par tially released as surface energy when microcracks are formed and (3) the magnitude of the surface

Over drying reduces the dry matter and causes increase in energy cost (Arinze et al drying 3 the influence of air temperature and air velocity on the drying rate of cocoa bean 2 MATERIALS AND METHODS 2 1 Materials Cocoa (Forestero varieties) was used for the experiment Initially heap fermentation technique was applied on 50 kg sample for seven days After sorting stones shell and

Thermodynamic Spectroscopic and Computational

Influence of cations on the complexation yield of DOTATATE with yttrium and lutetium: a perspective study for enhancing the 90Y and 177Lu labeling conditions Nuclear Medicine and Biology 2012 39 (4) 509-517 DOI: 10 1016/j nucmedbio 2011 10 015 Debashree Manna Tapan K Ghanty

A recent study reported that enhanced functionalities have evolved in cicada species as a result of taxonomic influences and life‐history Its wing properties are quite different with this study showing far less hydrophobicity and bactericidal properties Figure 1 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint Cicadas species and nanopillar configuration N pruinosus and M cassinii cicada and

After performing drying tests (in triplicate for each power) with samples of the different geometric shapes evaluated in this study at various power ratings for drying in the microwave and in the vacuum microwave ovens (1 0 1 5 and 2 0 W/g) it was observed that the final moisture content obtained (db) was in a range between 0 3 and 0 4 g water / g dry solid The drying time ranged from 90 to

The change of some biochemical indicators of fruits of some plum cultivars was followed under the influence of different equipments and drying modes In the first variant for the process of drying was used an alternative energy source – solar energy and in the second one – a heat pump The highest dry matter content was found in the fresh fruits of Mirabelle de Nancy – 25 50 %

The study comprised of a literature survey brake tests with trams and analyses to determine the friction conditions at four different top-of-rail conditions i e dry wet by water wet by MgCl 2 solution and dried/moist MgCl 2 three braking modes i e

In this study Batrachochytrium dendrobatidiswas inoculated into 2 types of sterile moist soil in order to determine whether it could grow in moist soil in the absence of an amphibian host The pH tolerance of this organism was also studied to determine if this were a factor that might influence survival in different

on observations and the high-resolution atmospheric model (HiRAM) output this study investigates the role of climate trends and leading circulation modes such as NAO ENSO and ISM in inducing temperature and precipitation variability in MENA region for the period 1979-2008 Our results show substantial regional temperature and precipitation responses of ENSO NAO and ISM over MENA Both

The study comprised of a literature survey brake tests with trams and analyses to determine the friction conditions at four different top-of-rail conditions i e dry wet by water wet by MgCl 2 solution and dried/moist MgCl 2 three braking modes i e

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comprehensive program of study to date of the dilution corrected droplet size distributions produced during different respiratory activities Distinct physiological processes were responsible for specific size distribution modes The majority of particles for all activities were produced in one or more modes with diameters below 0 8 m That mode occurred during all respiratory activities

Influence Dates Co-Author Has PDF Claim Your Author Page Ensure your research is discoverable on Semantic Scholar Claiming your author page allows you to personalize the information displayed and manage publications (all current information on this profile has been aggregated automatically from publisher and metadata sources) Elemental Analysis of Anti-Allergenic Indigenous Plants and

In this study the modern drying techniques of vacuum drying (VD) ultrasound-assisted vacuum drying (USV) and freeze-drying (FD) were used to dry minced meats These methods show some advantages during the drying process In VD the use of low temperatures in the absence of oxygen can preserve heat-sensitive and easily oxidizable foods Thus discoloration and the decomposition of the

This study was aimed at investigating the influence of different drying methods on the tropical regions all over the world for its nutritional quality for animals and humans high oil contents of the seeds and waste water treatments [5] The Moringa tree is cultivated and the various plant parts such as leaves pods flowers roasted seeds are used as vegetables roots mainly for spice

Influence of reactant catalyst type and Drying Control Chemical Additives (DCCA) on optical and structural properties of silica aerogel prepared via ambient pressure drying Wesam A A Twej1* Israa F Al-Sharuee2 1 Department of Physics College of Science University of Baghdad Baghdad Iraq 2Department of Physics College of Science Al-Mustansiriyah University Baghdad Iraq Abstract We

Influence of hydrology and seasonality on DOC exports from three contrasting upland catchments J J C Dawson C Soulsby D Tetzlaff M Hrachowitz S M Dunn I A Malcolm Geography Environment Research output: Contribution to journal › Article 107 Citations (Scopus) Overview Abstract Variation in dissolved organic carbon (DOC) concentrations of surface waters is a consequence

An Association Study of Energy Transformation in Banana Loaded by Force and its Damage Evolution Authors: Feng Ying Xu Zhen Chen Peng Cheng Wang Xiang Jun Zou Ce Xu Sheng Jie Deng Shi Yao Chen Abstract: The research on the damage banana quality with loaded mechanical energy has significance to its storage but there are few researches at present This paper investigated 3 indexes

The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the influence of different light curing units and modes on microleakage of flowable composite resins Methods Eighty Class V cavities were prepared in buccal and lingual surfaces of 40 extracted human premolars with cervical wall located in dentin and the occlusal wall in enamel These teeth were randomly assigned into two groups (n=20) and

Water vibration modes Shown opposite are the main vibrations occurring in liquid water Rotations in the liquid phase are totally dominated by hydrogen-bonding The movements are animated using the cursor The dipole moments change in the direction of the movement of the oxygen atoms as shown by the arrows As the H-atoms are light the vibrations have large amplitudes that have been

The effect of the different drying methods (freeze oven room and sun) on the total flavonoid total phenolic and radical scavenging activity varied (Table 1) The samples had no differences (P ≤ 05) in their dry weight suggesting an equal moisture content Only the sun dried samples had the total phenolic and total flavonoid been degraded compared to the

This study examines the observed impact of natural climate variability on inter‐annual changes in seasonal extremes of rainfall and temperature over Australia during 1957–2010 We use non‐stationary Generalized Extreme Value (GEV) analysis where GEV parameters are specified as a linear function of modes of climate variability and compare results with the case when climate variability