Jan 26 20201 Location was perfect about a 5-10minute flat walk from the train station and right in the middle of town 2 Our room had a sweet outlook onto surrounding buildings The bed was very firm and the room was decorated with lovely fabric Hand soap shampoo and hair dryer London is the greatest city ever!! Be sure to have a delicious bowl of ramen at Wagamama while you are there Hair dryers flat irons and curling irons tend to fry even with a good adapter I recommend buying cheap ones when you get there and you can use them again on your next trip!

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Electric appliances that use the input voltage directly like hair dryers straighteners and other similar types of equipment are normally designed for only one input voltage Some may have a switch to change it into 220-240V operation I think travel hair dryers sometimes do

Rick Steves was right We selected Balcony House in Galway on the recommendation in the Rick Steves travel book to Ireland and he was absolutely right This is a super-convenient BB a short walk to downtown for the all the restaurants and attractions and far

Palazzo Starace is located in the heart of Sorrento only twenty meters away from Piazza Tasso the main cultural center of the town It is within short walking distance of the port from where you can reach the islands of Capri and Ischia the Circumvesuviana Station that connects Sorrento to Pompeii and Herculaneum the fishing village of Marina Grande and the historical center of Via

Oct 25 2019Don't bring hair styling items like blow dryers flat irons or curling wands Hotels will have hair dryers available The humidity in Mexico will inevitably straighten any hair you want to curl and curl any hair you want to straighten so don't waste your time!

Jul 02 2018- if its primary purpose is to make heat it is generally a no-no: hair dryer curling iron coffee pot The ones provided by the ship are know to be ok - extension cords are generally a no-no simply because there are too many bad ones frayed cords etc If you MUST have one you can often get thru guest services They'll loan you a

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Hair Dryers Flat Irons Help - Rick Steves Travel Forum I'm having a little trouble deciding what to do about my hair dryer and flat iron while in England Not to sound high maintenance but hey I'm a and I can't live without either of them

Oct 25 2013A compact hair dryer is usually available in domestic hotel rooms But what about other hair tools such as straighteners and curling irons? When it comes to free amenities Kimpton is king: As part of their Forgot It?We've Got It! amenities program Kimpton properties will lend guests a straightening iron or curling iron for free Similarly the Georgian Court Hotel

May 18 2008Here's Rick Steves' advice (he wrote it so I don't have to Thanks Rick!) First you'll need to consider the voltage American appliances run on 110 volts while European appliances are 220 volts (These numbers can vary slightly — for example 120 instead of 110 volts in the US )

By Rick Steves Europe's electrical system is different from ours in two ways: the voltage of the current and the shape of the plug But since m ost modern gadgets are dual voltage — meaning they work on both American and European current — these days most travelers don't need to do anything more than pack a few inexpensive plug adapters

Jul 08 2014Rick Steves does sell bags but hardly the quality of TB I have his 20 rollie as I'm into rollies (being an old lady) It should last a few years A travel towel to wring out your wash a sink plug and a woven stretchy clothesline are required for your laundry Take a

Sep 16 2011Help! I have to take my flat iron! Most adaptors even alot of the 1600w say do not use with straight irons Travel Forum / Italy / Hair Flat Iron fo Please sign in to post Hair Flat Iron for Italy Our hair dryers and flat irons just don't work well even with converters I bought one of each years ago and take them with me on every

Hair tools such as blow dryers wands curling irons and your travel flat iron use a large amount of electricity so it's particularly important that they are used with the correct voltage Some travel flat iron options are designed so they can be used in different countries This means they'll be labeled as a "dual voltage flat

Aug 24 2016On a recent trip to update our Rick Steves Italy guidebook I ran into a pages-long wall of text about how to connect two popular hill towns: Orvieto and Civita di Bagnoregio In their wisdom this tourism-driven corner of Umbria has turned this journey — which should be a simple 30-minute ride — into a farce of Rube Goldberg complexity

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Travel Hair Dryer And Flat Iron Rick Steves Travel Forum Travel hair dryer and flat iron Jump to bottom Posted by Converters are not cheap and most likely costs more than buying compact dual voltage travel hair appliances Posted by Edgar the converters cannot often handle the voltage needed to operate a blow dryer Jump to top This topic has been automatically

I wouldn't bring a hair dryer The few places that haven't had one I just let my hair air dry and fixed it as best as I could with my curling iron Honestly travel involves so much moving around in varying weather I don't find it all that worth while or important to look perfect Not that I

When visiting foreign countries travelers love to take their favorite electric powered items with them Hair dryers styling irons cell phones and computers are a high priority when packing for a trip to places such as Europe Asia Africa and the Americas but even seasoned travelers get confused by the different outlets and voltages in various countries

London is the greatest city ever!! Be sure to have a delicious bowl of ramen at Wagamama while you are there Hair dryers flat irons and curling irons tend to fry even with a good adapter I recommend buying cheap ones when you get there and you can use them again on your next trip!

Oct 02 20083 friends stayed 2 nights in the Holiday Flat which is on the top floor of the building adjacent to the hotel Flat was large and well-equipped with full kitchen (no oven) two bedrooms living/dining room large bathroom Lots of closets dressers extra blankets two double beds rollaway bed hair dryer

May 26 2010I'm looking for suggestions for a good travel hair dryer /or travel flat iron We are packing fairly Rick Steves-like (only a carry-on and a shoulder bag for each of us) I have room for these 2 items in my bag and have hair that can't just air-dry Any suggestions for quality/size would be much appreciated!

(07-17-2019 08:47 PM) jfkbengals Wrote: And most converters won't handle a hair dryer or curling iron and not all dryers or irons are compatible with the ones that do You would be wise to find out if she plans to bring either and get the exact model so you can research a converter that will handle them

Jul 12 2015I still haven't found out and forgot to ask them anyone know if Paradise Beach Villas has hair dryers? I have a box I'm throwing stuff in as I think of them The dogs haven't figured it out yet The has napped in there I liked the post about having to pack for the rest of the family My 3 guys would be awful if I didn't help